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Whether you're a frequent visitor, a newbie, or just a surfer who clicked on the wrong link, you're welcome here in Cheonan World. The goal is to be the one-stop shop for all things Cheonan-ish. From food to directions, stories to photos, and addresses to links, you will hopefully find it all here. We do our best to keep this site up-to-date and relevant, and hope you'll also do your part by sharing anything you think is worth sharing. Feel free to browse the forums, follow a few personal links, or just use us as an in-between to see what's playing tonight at Yawoori! Enjoy.

The Goods (Stuff you might like)

Cheonan Foodie Site Will Make You Drool

You have to hand it to Jackie Bolen. For years she's been getting people out to try new and established eateries around Cheonan. The "Eating out in Cheonan" Facebook page has hooked many a diner up with fellow hungry locals on a weekly basis, but until now those who had to work late had no idea whether the restaurant in question was a "Seconds? Yes, please!" or a "Note to self: avoid like the plague." The fairly new, and very attractive Squidoo "Where to eat in Cheonan" puts locals and visitors in the know. If you were wondering about a specific place or dish, now you can read all about it. Click this link or the image below to go to Squidoo. Thanks, Jackie!

Interesting Facts About Cheonan

Think you know your city? You might be surprised by some of the statistics released by the city's census bureau. Check out some of the stats below. If you can't read Korean, ask a coworker...but test him/her first to see how well he/she knows Cheonan! You can also click on the image to view a larger version with even more interesting stats!

Cheonan Open Mic Night

If you've got talent, or even if you don't, and you want to share your music, poetry, jokes, sound effects, or anything else, check out Open Mic Night at Banana Bar every Tuesday from 9:30. More info can be found on the group Facebook page: here.

Don't Get Lost Again! - Cheonan map now available

Ever wondered where all the good stuff from the links list is? Or where your school is? Or where you are?! Well, now you can actually know. And, you can get out on the town to see more of what is on offer. Coupled with the new bus route maps, the release of the Cheonan City Map means that Cheonan just got a whole lot easier to navigate. Download a version of the Cheonan City Map and never get lost again!

Cheonan Maps:

(.jpg picture version) | (.bmp version) | (printable .pdf version)

If you prefer a fairly illegible Korean version with some interesting demographic stats, try here: (.jpg Korea almanac version)

Pool Night still the hottest ticket in town Thursday nights

A modest group of foreigners and Koreans meet once a week at I.D. Billards in Shinbudong (across from Yawoori) to compete for the highest billiards honor south of Suwon! The trophy is 6 years old and falling apart, but the company is good and friendly. Whether you play or not, come on down at 10:30pm Thursday nights and check it out, even if it's just for a drink and conversation. For more specific information, see Steve's Pool Night Facebook page.

Top Ten Lists

Here are a few top 10 lists that may help you fill those few days between your work weeks, or may help you unwind anytime.

Foreign Restaurants:
1. Dono Marco
2. Mount Fishtail
3. Riposo
4. Raw
5. Applebee
6. Pho Mein
7. Pasta Cuco
8. Peri Steakhouse
9. Jeong Tong
10. Sorento

1. Cafe Bavis Garden
2. Cannes
3. Harue
4. 나무 그늘 (Tree Shade)
5. Cafe Caroline
6. Nuance Art Cafe
7. 달고나 (Dalgona)
8. Rome on Holiday
9. Rosa
10. Angel-in-us

1. Analogue
2. Bar Metro
3. 싸롱 (Sarong)
4. Khan (Antique Pub)
5. The Flair
6. Mong
7. Banana Bar
8. 고구려 (Goguryeo)
9. 붉은수탉 (Red Rooster)
10. Groove Bar

Indoor Activities:
1. Screen golf
2. Dangu-jang
3. Jjim-Jil-bang
4. Norae-bang
5. Bowling
6. Photo sticker booths
7. Walnut cookie maker
8. DVD/Coffee-bang
9. Yawoori arcade
10. Arario gallery

Outdoor Activities:
1. Taejo bronze Buddha
2. Namsan public market
3. Gakwonsa temple
4. Independence Hall
5. Hyeonchungsa temple
6. Seongbulsa temple
7. Dangkook lake walk
8. Samgeori park
9. Cheonan museum
10. Cheonan creek walk

Eat like a Kimbap King!

Have you ever stood in Kimbap Chungook, waiting for your tuna kimbap, and wondered what all that other stuff on the menu is? Well, now you can know...and it may change your life! Open up a whole new world of possibilities by downloading a pdf version of the translated menu here:

Kimbap Chungook / Nara Menu

Now you can really Bus it! - New Bus Maps are in!

Want to take the bus to save on cab fare, but don't know which one to hop on? Check out these Cheonan city bus routes and climb aboard a ripping gas bus. They're the fastest and safest way to travel in Cheonan...because they're the only thing that cars actually get out of the way for! Click on a route map to enlarge in a new window. Or click here to download a pdf copy of the most common route maps and schedules:

| Bus Route Maps (pdf package) |



Asan (to and from Cheonan):


More Cheonan and Asan buses by number:

14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 30 | 31 | 60 | 70 | 82

920 | 921 | 930 | 931

New Forums

Taking into consideration a number of suggestions to improve the message board/forum, a link to a new message board has been placed above the old one. With fewer categories and easier access, it should bring back the good old days. Unfortunately with all the spam out there these days, you will have to make a Username and Password to be able to post, but you can browse categories and posts as a guest if you just want to have a look. Feel free to sign up and post away as of... right now!

Are you a Culture Vulture? Want to be?

If you're looking for a way to show the good people back home that you haven't just been sitting cross-legged drinking o'baecks for a year, check out one of the many Korean Cultural Arts shows taking place in Seoul every weekend. Tickets are available online through ticket.interpark.com, which is the Korean version ticketmaster. You have to be a member to buy tickets online, but with the trusty step-by-step guide provided below, you can sign up faster than you can say "ssireum" (Korean wrestling) or "samul nori" (folk drumming). Click on the 클래식/무용 top link to get into the Classics/Dance section, then click on 국악 on the left navigation bar for Korean traditional shows. You can also browse 뮤지컬 (Musicals), 콘서트 (Concerts), 연극 (Theatre), and 스포츠 (Sports) if a traditional show doesn't excite you.

Download this pdf step-by-step guide to register online, and start shopping around for something cultural.

Meet the Operator

Hello, everyone. You may or may not know that this site has not been updated in a long, long time. But, hopefully things will be changing soon. A new operator is on the scene with new ideas, and fresh additions to spice up your daily life in Cheonan.

Coming soon are the following: a new message board/forum to buy, sell, chat, and rant; a new Cheonan food guide called "hungry cheonan"; more links, and much more.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for how to improve the website or things you would like to see here, email them to operator.cheonan@gmail.com.

Please check back in the near future to see what's new!